Canon 7D - same white-tailed deer I shot yesterday with my FZ200 - please note smearing in the fur.

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RudyPohl wrote:

Jerry045 wrote:


You are certainly more familiar with the 7D than I am. Does that camera have settings like ours where you can dial in different values of noise reduction and sharpness? I was just wondering if the 7D had such options, perhaps the smearing might be due to a poor setting selection of those type items.

Another factor might be the image stabilization. We don't know if he had his IS turned on or not, or how it stacks up to the Panny's. These might be factors in the differences along with the ISO settings.

Just a thought.....

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Hi Jerry:

Yes, you're correct, those could be factors. Again, I'm saying that great equipment alone can't give you great results, you must do the right things. And if you do do the right things the FZ200 can give you pretty darn good images.

The reason I did this post is to encourage FZ200 owners and perspective owners not to get sucked into the false idea that they have to settle for mediocrity because of a so-called "pin-head" sensor. That's nonsense. This camera, when used well and with it's limitations, can produce stellar photos.


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Rudy and go friend ... if you have done such a comparison is useful for newbies like me who chose a compact not only a cost issue (the FZ 200 in Argentina is 600 USD) but by the fear of not to treat them like glass deserves, there is much talk of the FZ noise ... in this case the shot is amazing, a LEICA quality in all its extension .... nobody talks about that Reflex is below the FZ .... just put in place a camera capable of very extraordinary photos.

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