new life for an old Mac mini

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Re: new life for an old Mac mini

james_the_first wrote:

creative thinking required!

So my 2007 mini (intel core duo - not the 2core) is now beginning to really struggle with Aperture, is max memory bound and will not support the current OS (or even the last OS) and because of that I'm I've only just noticed that I falling well behind the update cycles of various apps (especially Aperture where I'm limited to 3.2.4)

It'll be retired from active service at some point soon and we don't have a low demand need for it to continue to act as a PC (this is not a discussion about what to replace it with)

but I hate throwing stuff away ...... so is there a new career it can follow

- could it be reinvented as a Mac TV point (what exactly is mac TV)

- it might be used as a kitchen digital radio (current one slowly failing) with a small screen and no need for regular keyboard use (one of the blue tooth ones could occasionally be brought in and a trackpad used for daily channel selection) - or would that be excessively power hungry (given that it'd be on alot of the time even if the power-saving does reduce the impact of that

any bright ideas?

do any know of charities (UK) that'll take a very old mac for reconditioning into 3rd world educational needs


An '07 is hardly obsolete as a server. We have an '08 as a dedicated media server (video, internet, TV, DVD, photo's and music) connected to 8tb of drives. It's runs Plex which can also control the DVD in the mini. If that's something of interest, it would be an easy task for an '07.  Need to be on 10.6.x.

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