Moving to Lightroom from Aperture

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Re: Moving to Lightroom from Aperture

noirdesir wrote:

Though in my view the bigger difference between Aperture and LR in regard to image management is not a 'closed' library but that Aperture has always an 'internal' organisational structure (the source pane) that is independent of the actual folder structure on disk and thus allows for virtual structures with albums and smart albums in this internal structure that is not constrained by the requirement to mirror an outside folder structure.

And that's Aperture's big advantage. A lot more flexibility. You can do this in LR4 through the use of albums but the rest is quite rigid.  As a recent adoptee of LR, I've found you simply import and immediately creat an Album. Then you have some flexibility. Renders your disk structure irrelevant locking you into LR for image organization. In Aperture I could mirror the drive's structure and still be able to easily find images in other apps.  On the other hand, I do like LR's Develop module. It may not look as nice but the results are quite good.

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