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get a Hasselblad???

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There is a controversy regarding D3 and 800. Which will provide better images? There are many technical concerns reg. the pixel count and also pixel pitch(the size otf the pizels that are located on the imaging wafer.) The controversy focuses on whether it is better to have more pixels and get higher resolution or have lesser pixels and less noise per unit pixel. The understanding is the imaging wafer is 24x36 mm and if there are more pixels on the wafer and consequently smaller pixels(smaller pixel pitch); if there less light getting on each of the smaller pixels there is a need to amplify the gain on each of the pixels and unfortunately generate either noise in optical terms or distortion in musical terms. The principal is identical. The naysayers will argue that the efficiency of the smaller newer pixel will be greater than the older and better in the efficient extraction of light energy. Why not just make the imaging wafer larger than 24 x36 and then we will have the best of both worlds?


There is no real controversy, only contrived controversy, and controversy born of wishful-thinking.

D800 has less perceivable noise when reproduced at the same sizes, more DR, better color depth and more resolution.

As for your 'make imaging wafer larger' suggestion - you mean also make each sensor that comes from this wafer larger? Sure! Just have to make a whole new line of bodies and lenses to go along with it. (They already have something like that - MF digital )

Exactly right. Want more dynamic range and better color rendition, get a Hasselblad. Of course, it costs a little more.

All of the tests I've seen put the hasselblad behind the d800 in both those areas. The big prints it up, too. D800 really holds its own against cameras costing 10x more.

Hasselblafs are great if you want 60 or 80mp, or super high sync speeds, or to use them on a view camera, though.

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