Apple CEO, Tim Cook, Movado Group (MGI), collaborate wristwatchphone, the MOVADAPPLE

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Re: Apple CEO, Tim Cook, Movado Group (MGI), collaborate wristwatchphone, the MOVADAPPLE

Besides, they would have to be SKI/SNOWBOARDING GLASSES in order to have any interesting display information with a full view of whats in sight (think Terminator vision). And some people would wear those for fun.  But most people would not and it would be socially unacceptable to do so in general. You can just pick up the same thing from your pocket and hold it up, if you want it. Why should you be wearing eyeglasses all the time? It will not happen in mass.

I could see "a small/thin pair" as VERY useful in some situations (like networking parties to identify peoples faces, get names/stats, etc, quickly without having to use your phone to take a picture of someone). But for every common day situation, you'd much rather just put something in your pocket than wear $700 dollars on your nose, especially if you don't need glasses. Won't happen. Except as a very specialty item, and will be way expensive.

The wristwatch idea is still possible (though also awkward -- but at least its less socially obstructive than glasses).  Again, though, the problem would be awkwardness.  Its not easy to put your wrist to your ear.  If anything, a glove with a display on the back of the hand makes more sense (ergonomically), with sound sensors at the wrist and a speaker on the top of the pointer finger.  Still pretty dumb, considering if phones could be that thin, you wouldn't mind it at all in your pocket.  But people will want the computer features and that Dick Tracy stuff is just fantasies for old guys who read too many comics.

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