Canon 7D - same white-tailed deer I shot yesterday with my FZ200 - please note smearing in the fur.

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eagle2a wrote:

As has been stated many times before, filling the frame of any digital sensor is always preferable. When it comes to small sensor cameras, such as the Panasonic FZ200, it is critical to do this if you want the best picture.

As Rudy has proven in his picture of the white tailed deer, when the FZ200 is allowed to take the picture by filling its frame, it is capable of stunning results.

I think everyone who has visited this forum and read the various posts from all over the world regarding this super zoom, should now have the impression that the FZ200 is capable of quite good results when used by a thoughtful photographer. Having a Leica lens at f2.8 from 25mm to 600mm (35mm equivalency) makes photography a lot of fun.



I am in full agreement with all of your above comments and puzzled as to why you should think otherwise. As you will see from my first post on this thread I agreed with yuki's comment about the quality of the FZ200 image and the skill of the photographer. Also with almost 60 years experience of photography I know the imprtance of filling the frame wherever possible.

I am also very well aware that Rudy's objective was to demonstrate that in the right conditions and with the optimum settings an FZ200 can produce images which are a close match for the quality of an expensive DSLR under the same conditions.

My intention was simply to point out that as the owner of the Canon 7D had IMHO been further from the deer or using a shorter equivalent focal length he had been unable to fill the frame sufficiently to capture the detail in the fur without smearing.

As an FZ50 owner and follower of this forum I am very familiar with the improvements that have been made in the FZ150 and FZ200 in terms of image quality, high ISO performance, focussing speed, OIS performance, etc. However I am not yet inclined to sacrifice the manual zoom ring of my FZ50 for the toggle lever of the FZ150 or FZ200.


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