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Things could still go wrong

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Let's just ask the group, when was the last time Nikon did a sensor upgrade when it wasn't better than the model that preceded it for raw image quality. Any takers?

Nikon has been having some very consistent teething problems with almost every camera it has released recently, oil being splattered all over the sensor being but one of the latest (it even happened to the model DPR tested).

After picking up and shooting a few pics with a D5200 yesterday, I am pretty impressed with the changes Nikon have made, however, I will be waiting for quite a while before I even consider upgrading.

The D5200 has much that could trouble it, we have the focus system of a prior (higher spec) model paired up with an untested higher resolution sensor, no one knows how that will play out.

We have a 24mp sensor that is completely untested by anyone other than Nikon engineers, the D3200 has proven difficult to get the best out of (for it's target audience) and the D5100 may prove to be the same. These cameras will fail if the target market has to play photo editor in RAW to get acceptable results.

You mention certain repetitive arguments over previous Nikon camera releases, well I would like to point you toward the consistent complaints on this forum from new Nikon uses struggling to get acceptable JPEG output. Not everyone wants to spend as much time on the computer converting RAW as they spend shooting with the camera, for me, I simply don't have the time, I'd rather be out shooting more pictures.

If the Nikon D5200 is a RAW only camera then it will be a complete waste of time for its target audience, the 24mp sensor needs to deliver good results with the kit lenses and it is absolutely essential that jpeg results are acceptable, because Canon and Sony are definitely delivering the goods in that regard.

It's still very much a wait and see game in my opinion.

The D7000 and D5100 are proven workhorses, If I was purchasing a new camera now it would definitely be something that is a known quantity, not some as yet untested new release model.

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