300/2.8 VR1 vs VR2 - Tripod/Wimberley Use

Started Jan 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
jsr4522 Regular Member • Posts: 110
Re: Thanks Everyone ... n/t

Difference between VR1 vs VR2 is one stop.  Only you can determine the value of that in your work.  Personally, if I were using both (and I have) side by side on a tripod/gimbal, I would be hard pressed to pick what photo was taken with VR1 vs VR2.  Where I noticed a difference was with TCs - the VR2 just seemed to be a bit sharper with he 1.4 TC.  The TC2.0 III was released at the same time and pairs well with the VR2 model, and this combo outperforms the previous generations combo.  I opted for the VR2 because the 1.4 TC lives on this lens and the 2.0 III performs well I a pinch.

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