Man arrested for taking photographs of children at bus stop.

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Re: Man arrested for taking photographs of children at bus stop.

A lot of the British people on this board seem to think that people are just inherently pedophiles -- so when UK members claim that the UK is full of pedophiles, I guess that is a personal problem with the British and their lack of civil manners (probably stemming from a culture that raped the rest of the world). But for anyone with common sense, its absolutely not evident at all that someone taking photos of something cute or innocent is wrong or evil. Taking a snap shot of a teach leading a group of kids down the street is no more vicious or malicious than taking a photograph of a momma duck followed by baby ducks. Its simply wrong for you to corrupt society by making everything appear to be evil. (Whatever this guy was up to is a matter for your laws).

But I made this photo while in Asia (just testing out my new 28-300mm Nikon), to see how it worked at the far end, and a group of children on tour to the same palace made for a better shot than shooting a brick wall. I guess if we were in the UK, someone could have called the cops and had me arrested "on the spot" if I didn't want to turn over my camera or be harassed by law enforcement. Its a bit weird, you know, to think that how we display ourselves in public, in front of any person in the world, should somehow be illegal if someone takes a photo. You might as well ban people's memories and staple their eyelids shut. If I had been harassed like that for doing nothing wrong at all, it sure would we be a judgement on, say, the UK culture, not a judgement on me. If that photographer had committed some dangerous or cruel or sexual act or intended to promote any of it, certainly, look out for the kids and rid of him. But to just pick someone up off the street and arrest them because of a personal opinion is a pretty horrible culture.

(The quality of the Nikon 28-300mm has MUCH to be desired -- only good for travel, as a side-note).

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Sincerely, GlobalGuyUSA

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