Canon 7D noise at ISO 100

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Re: Shouldn't sharpening be the last PP step?

Jerry-astro wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

smoothing out the noise after sharpening is just a necessary and normal step in raw editiing, with some cameras you do not have to do so much and with 7D you have to do it a lot more often, it is just a fact of life.

Last I heard, sharpening was supposed to be the last step in PP, definitely not to be done prior to NR. I've always reduced noise first, then sharpened as a final step. Can you explain why doing it afterwards might provide better results? I would think that prior sharpening would simply make noise worse, thus requiring more severe NR than otherwise would be required... resulting in more loss of detail.

There are two types of noise we are talking about so lets not confuse them.

At higher iso there is noise in the image. As you say, this noise should be cleared before sharpening, the other type of noise is created by sharpening itself, this noise need to be cleared after sharpening.

For most images, I just do both sharpening and NR in lightroom,  I do not have to do one before the other, I think lightroom does it in the right order just before exporting them to jpg.

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