Refurbished D800 and D800e

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Re: Refurbished D800 and D800e

Anker BergSonne wrote:

Slave Daddy wrote:

For those that have recently purchased a refurbished D800 or a D800e, what condition did it come in? What was the shutter count?, any left-focus issue?, physical appearance?, any issues at all?

Beware that a question posed in this way is going to bring out every person with a complain against Nikon.

I bought a refurbished D800 from Adorama at the final price of $2399 and tested the camera thoroughly on receipt. It performs flawlessly.

As a rule I buy refurbished computers and camera gear. It has the same warranty as new and if it has been refurbished by the manufacturer the problem, if there was any, has been corrected and the item has gone through complete QC. I have never, ever, received a refurbished item with a problem.

And not too far back when Nikon offered the 24 hour promotional deal that one poster brought forth his thread of very disappointing results and having to return his after much testing so your very confidant statement doesn't capture my trust in Nikons so called "complete QC." When I start hearing more of your type of successful experience with the D800's, which I'm happy to hear of yours, then I might change my tune.

Is Adorama offering an extended warranty to the full year for last I checked Nikon's store only offers the three month?

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