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Re: Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

I'm going to do some testing later to see if the yellow cast I see is real but I definitely don't like what it does to my photos.

So here is the result of my test...


I applied the ColorChecker calibration to the RAW file and it produced what to my eye was the most pleasing image.

HOWEVER, the SilkyPix default TIFF looked the closest to what my eye sees looking at the scene.

There are many variables here, the monitor, your computer OS and graphics card and of course your brain interpreting the signals from your eyes, it can get a bit messy...

The way that I reduced the yellow cast in my custom SilkyPix "taste" was to set Color deflection under Camera setting to 2. This made the scene look closest to the ColorChecker version but left a slight blueish tinge on the wall behind the couch.

The RAW file also had a slight blueish tinge on the wall compared to the ColorChecker version but slightly less than my custom taste produced.

The SilkyPix default while the most realistic still did not precisely match what my eye saw.

Any thoughts on how I could have reduced the yellow without giving the wall a blue tinge with my custom taste would be appreciated.

Never used colorchecker but suffice to say using a neutral grey card and manual setting of WB has always worked to my liking... Your milage may vary....

Also, I am bothered that I wasn't able to find any way to satisfactorily reduce the yellow cast on the default SilkyPix TIFF in Lightroom. All of my attempts produced undesirable side affects, so any thoughts on that would also be appreciated.

Have look at color space output setting in SP - try setting it to adobeRGB and in your development settings ensure the color profile embedment is tagged and re-develop your tiff.

Did you bring the tiff and RAW into side by side panels in SP sand was there any difference?

With regards to History, you have it right... the individual editing history steps are discarded when the program is closed or the folder changed, obviously the final RAW development parameters are not, just the individual steps taken.


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