Refurbished D800 and D800e

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Kerry Pierce wrote:

alan54g wrote:

Why does refurbished gear from Nikon not have a full warranty? If they are bringing the gear back to spec why don't they stand behind it better?

Refurbs from NikonUSA do have a full warranty, AFAIK. The difference is that it is for 90 days instead of a year. Given that the costs are significantly reduced, in this case, about $700, why would you think it reasonable that they offer the same warranty as is offered for the new units that cost $700 more?

How much is a 9 month Nikon warranty worth to you?

IME, most factory defects and QA problems surface in the first month of use. Indeed, most problems that I've had with new equipment were found in the first few days of use. That's especially true with my camera gear.


What he means by full waranty I think is the full year and they should. These cameras are so complex and one may not get to experience many of the functions in three months unless they were diligent to realize and make a list as to what possible options to test first. In the past I had always defaulted to the notion of trusting the operations of a newly bought camera. Not now. An example, the 10pin. I just used shutter delay most of the time and it was months before I got around to trying it on my D700. After hearing others having some problems I would be sure to check that out along with any other items I may have read about.

I almost bought when Nikon offered $600 off during a particular 24 hour promotional period. I don't see anything now offering what you claim $700 off USA and I just looked at Nikon's store moments ago. For $300 and a flimsy 3 month warranty coupled with all the past problems and lack of consistent successful repair reports, the expense and time of shipping, that $300 seems like a no brainer to pass on, even the $700 you claim I would be hesitant on unless the reports of refurbished improved significantly.

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