Rechargeable Energizer AA 2300mAh batteries might have being discontinued

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Re: Rechargeable Energizer AA 2300mAh batteries might have being discontinued

I had to buy Sanyo Eneloop XX batteries from Amazon and B&H Photo when my local California seller (Frys Electronics) started only selling their own Lenmar brand of rechargeable batteries.

I recommend using a charger that lets you evaluate the condition of the batteries you own. I can recommend the Maha C9000 and I've read that La Crosse makes good chargers as well. I organize sets of AA batteries in plastic boxes and I record the most recent individual "Available Capacity" maH values that the "Refresh/Analyze" and "Break-In" functions reports.

clockwise LL to LR: original Sanyo 2000maH eneloop; Energizer 2500maH; Rayovac Hybrid 2000maH; Sanyo 2500maH Eneloop "XX"; Panasonic 1600maH; Sanyo 1600maH

If you're going to charge batteries and use them soon after then Energizers are very good. If you're going to store them for a few weeks then I recommend Eneloop "XX".

Sometimes older weak NiMh batteries can be "re-formed" (systematically discharged and re-charged) to get back some fraction of their original capacity. Advanced chargers like the Maha and La Crosse have functions that automate these steps.

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