Why not an X-Pro 1s/ X-E1s

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Re: Why not an X-Pro 1s/ X-E1s

Mr Gadget wrote:

From what I can gather from the X100s press release from a hardware stand point the basic changes are the new Xtrans CMOS II sensor that incorporates PDAF sensors on chip and a new EXR Processor II. I would guess that both would have the same pad outs and chip size as the current shipping hardware. Even if they are different, all it would take would be a fairly simple circuit board change to create "s" versions of both the X-Pro and XE cameras.

The software has already been worked out with the X100s. It seems like an easy low cost update that could be brought to market quickly which would have a major positive market impact. The changes that we see in the X100s suggest that FujiFilm may indeed be listening to their customer base, it would make sense to move these improvements to the rest of the line as quickly as possible.

Why wouldn't FujiFilm want to do this?

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I suspect (yes, I have no first hand knowledge, so please no flaming of this post)  that Fujifilm may release another minor firmware upgrade for the X-Pro1 and X-E1 in the next 6 months to maintain interest, but I doubt that there will be any X-Pro1s release until November 2013 if not later with and X-E1s.

Unlike Apple IPhones # and Samsung Galaxy #, there is significantly lower demand for these cameras (i.e. not tens or hundreds of million units sold), so the cost of R&D has to be more carefully spread across the units sold so Fujifilm can't afford to have too brief of a product life cycle.  There is probably also a minimum production size run of these cameras to make the manufacturing economical.  If Fujifilm was to release a X-Pro1s and X-E1s so soon, then they would be saddled with lots of inventory of X-Pro1's and X-E1's which would have to be dramatically discounted.  Yes, they are already discounting the X-Pro1 so it could be possible to see a X-Pro1s in the next 18-24 months, but then again the X-Pro1 had already been in the market for almost a year before the X-E1.

Again, this post is just my speculation from a marketing and sales perspective.

In the meantime, we should mainly focus on how to take better photos with the great Fujifilm cameras that we have now and continue to post photos and tips.

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