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Re: It's all about the lenses

oklaphotog wrote:

spacemn wrote:

When talking primes especially it is interesting how many m43 users (some in this thread) still think that the NEX lens selection is bad.

I mean look at these primes, ZSEL24/1.8, SEL35/1.8 OSS, SEL50/1.8 OSS and then rumors say an SEL85/1.8 OSS is imminent, not to mention the upcoming AF Zeiss lenses (14mm, 32 and 50 Macro). Does the m43 system really have a set of primes that can beat the above NEX lens combination?? IQ wise, no, I definitely don't think so.

Sure. 12/2, 25/1.4, 45/1.8, 75/1.8 just to name a few and they cover a better range too.

Cover a better range? I'd say 150mm 35mm-equiv FOV is pretty exotic. For me 128mm is definitely going to be preferable.

The SEL35 gives the possibility of a slightly shallower DOF and better hand held low light performance then the PanaLeica 25mm, and it has nice metal housing.

The SEL16/2.8 has the exact same fov and dof as the 12/2, speed is lacking but then it is a pancake.

When it comes to primes the NEX system by next year's end will in my opinion have a more interesting lens lineup than the m43 system, that is my guess it will be for me.

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