New Sensor technology coming out in the next 18 months?

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He can't be a crusading hero....

robert1955 wrote:

There is no 'it can't be done crowd',

Of course not. It's a very typical behavior in fanatics. They can't be the heroic champion unless there's an evil enemy to conquer. So, they invent one. It's really hilarious to watch the process, as long as the hero's breakdown doesn't involve him getting his hands on weapons and going out with a blaze of glory in a school.

  • it really was up to you to show something that indicates that better-than-Bayer is just around the corner. So far you've failed to show anything.

He knows he can't show what doesn't exist. So, he has to fight on other fronts.

We all know there are failed predictions. But that does not imply that all predictions are failures.

Indeed. And something else wrong with his list of failed predictions. In every one of those cases, there were both.

  • Other very smart people saying the thing could be done.
  • A strong economic need, a "business case" for that thing to be done.

And you tell me a 3 layer sensor can't be done, and done well


No-one is saying that. But not everyone is as optimistic about it as you. You may even be the one with the closed mind, new sensor technology may be a different direction than the obly one you seem to be thinijng of

Quite probably. Resonant filters providing the color separation on pixel arrays spatially over sampled by factors in the tens or hundreds is my best bet. But that's only a prediction, I don't go all Barry with talk about what "everybody" knows, what "must be" replaced. Dichotomous thinking, magical thinking, he's got all the behaviors characteristic of  a psychotic break.

It's a fun show, as long as he's safely on a different continent.

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