D800 with Sigma 12-24mm

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Re: D800 with Sigma 12-24mm

Chas P wrote:

I shoot with this lens on a D700. It always focuses too far away, even given the huge depth of field at f/9 and 12mm. Watching the focus scale, it'll land on infinity for any subject further than a few feet away, and the corners of the frame are often only a few feet from the sensor plane.

I counter this by deliberately focusing too close. If you reshot the second pic here concentrating on getting the leaves on the left of the frame sharp, you might find the rest of the image falls within the DOF. It works for me.

You can use the Hyperfocal distance and further perfect your focusing technique.  BTW, you do this lens justice--excellent pics--i see a lot of people who are clueless with the lens, hacking the pics beyond anything I thought possible.


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