DSC-RX1 in brick&mortar stores?

Started Jan 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: DSC-RX1 in brick&mortar stores?

AJ Kloza wrote:

KnightFall wrote:

AJ Kloza wrote:

I'm looking at one at a B&M that is being sold for $2300 (open box return). The temptation is there for me to pick it up. But obviously I'm concerned about the reason it was returned. Any tips on what to look for in testing it in store? It is returnable for full refund but I'd like to check it out fully in store before going through with the sale.


And what is this store?

Best Buy.

Wait for another 30% off Staples coupon.  It'll knock it down to $1610.  Sadly, the last one ended yesterday.

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