Canon 7D - same white-tailed deer I shot yesterday with my FZ200 - please note smearing in the fur.

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You are certainly more familiar with the 7D than I am. Does that camera have settings like ours where you can dial in different values of noise reduction and sharpness? I was just wondering if the 7D had such options, perhaps the smearing might be due to a poor setting selection of those type items.

Another factor might be the image stabilization. We don't know if he had his IS turned on or not, or how it stacks up to the Panny's. These might be factors in the differences along with the ISO settings.

Just a thought.....

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As you will see from the calculations in my previous post even allowing for the Canon's factor of 1.15 advantage over the FZ200 in resolution, the FZ200 had an advantage of 1.57/1.15 = 1.37 over the Canon 7D in effective range.

In defence of the Canon 7D owner I feel that I should point out that the ability to resolve fine detail such as hair and feathers depends on the thickness of the detail projected onto the sensor in relation to the size of the pixels.

Bearing in mind the effective range advantage described above I'm not at all surprised by the smearing in the Canon 7D image. IMHO the owner of the Canon 7D was just too far away from the deer to be able to capture such fine detail.


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