Canon 7D noise at ISO 100

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Re: Canon 7D noise at ISO 100

aberdeenstore wrote:

Apologies for the delay! I signed up to get notifications to replies and the e-mail never arrived. I was checking in today and realized someone actually replied!

As more than one of you mentioned, there's heavy editing to make the top shot shine. I used Photoshop CS6 raw converter as follows:

  • Exposure -0.25, contrast +44, highlights -100, shadows +100, whites +94, blacks -45, clarity +35, vibrance +22, sharpening +75 at 1.9.

Nevertheless, I must state in my defense that the noise is visible at 30% magnification on the original raw file in my calibrated monitor. Link to raw file.

The second image has less editing:

  • Exposure +0.35, contrast +12, shadows +40, blacks -5, sharpening +40 at 1.2

Link to raw file.

I appreciate all the feedback and will try all your suggestions!

Obviously there are better cameras for landscapes, but the 7D is all I'm willing to spend.

Those raw links were helpful.  If everybody were like you and posted original files, this forum would have a lot more helpful and constructive discussion (rather than everybody guessing at causes for real or imagined problems).

I'm not sure if you will see this as good news or bad news, but those raw files are clean as a whistle. There's no visible noise at all. You're shooting yourself in the foot with post-processing, I think.

One reason you might be finding it so necessary to add so much sharpening is that you're not taking control of your focus, so the shots are not sharp to begin with.  Both shots are shot with full 19-point AF point auto-selection, as far as I can tell.  So the camera's choosing what to focus on.  I can see the camera has locked onto targets that are both near and far.  I'm not sure whether it actually focused beyond the hyperfocal distance, but I suspect not.  Most likely in your 2nd photo the camera locked onto the water right near you, so the cliffs in the background are out of focus.  Strongly recommend you switch your camera into the modes where YOU control what you're focusing on, and I think you will get sharper pictures.

Good luck!

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