Canon 7D noise at ISO 100

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Re: I think you added the noise.

aberdeenstore wrote:

Richard wrote:

But not intentionally. It looks to me you tried to sharpen the image in raw. Or the default sharpness is in raw is set too high. I find sharpening in raw editors adds this type of noise. (To test this, shoot raw and jpg, then after you output your raw file to jpg then compare the two images, if the out of camera jpg looks better, it is a problem in your raw workflow using too much sharpening.

I must confess I'm addicted to sharpening my pictures. I'll try sharpening with unsharp mask instead of the raw converter.

There is nothing wrong with sharpening your image in RAW, you should do it if you are not satisfied with default sharpness, the x1.6 18mp sensor needs a very sharp lens to get great sharpness at 100%. smoothing out the noise after sharpening is just a necessary and normal step in raw editiing, with some cameras you do not have to do so much and with 7D you have to do it a lot more often, it is just a fact of life.

What Richard said about using jpeg as a bench mark is a bad practise. OOC jpeg simply receives sharpening and denoise at the same time. Because they use simpler algorithm the sharpening and denoise do not produce the same level of IQ as your computer's RAW editor would.

Do you know if the camera applies any sharpening to raw files?

No it doesnt.

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