X10 -> Problem with Aperture priority mode?

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Re: X10 -> Problem with Aperture priority mode?

Danielepaolo wrote:

v steffel wrote:

I have experienced similar problems as your photos present when I use ISO set at Auto (xyz) and have had to reset ISO.

Also, in the first shot, which has "bleached out" color, I notice the following: Aper. f11 and ISO 800

ISO 800 is the problem. No need for ISO 800 in this daylight shot

In the second shot the aper is f5.6 and the ISO is 100.

This could also be a result of the meter setting and what the meter is reading. Is the meter set to Multi, Spot, or Avg?

EXIF says multi

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Apologies if my lack of photographic knowledge is catching.

Thanks for your comments and pointing out where I slipped.  After reading all the comments and making notes on the EXIF that shows up when you hover over the photo, I forgot to re-read what OP posted about the first photo.  Here he states Multi, but it doesn't show up in the EXIF from photo on DPR.  But my eyes are slipping.

I agree that one of the key problems is setting ISO to Auto800, especially for daylight photography.


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