Grid for Elinchrom 27" Beauty Dish??

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Re: Grid for Elinchrom 27" Beauty Dish??

I just did some testing with the Impact grid. Although it is a little too small (26.5 inch diameter) I thought I could live with it because I did get it to attach fairly secure. But when I took some test shots, the light fall off on the side with the .5 inch gap was obviously more wide spread and diffuse.

Ted, can you confirm there is no gap when attached to your 27 inch Elinchrom beauty dish?

I am also curious about this one that Anfy mentioned. But I bet it's pricey! Anyone know where it's sold here in the US?

Thanks for your help guys!


Ted Wilson wrote:

Nikonparrothead wrote:

Honeygrids will make one whatever size you need.

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Yes, but they already make one specifically for that reflector.

The Elinchrom version looks incredibly bulky and tedious to use, what were they thinking?

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