Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

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Re: Silkypix Developer Studio Pro for Panasonic - Special !!!

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

I'm going to do some testing later to see if the yellow cast I see is real but I definitely don't like what it does to my photos.

So here is the result of my test...

I closed the blinds and turned on the incandescent lamps on either side of my couch and side chair.

The wall is light beige. The carpet is light tan. The couch and chair are light brown.

I took a photo that framed just inside the lamps on each end so the light was included but the lamps themselves were not.

I also took a photo of ColorChecker on the floor and in front of the couch and created a custom calibration with it.

I applied the ColorChecker calibration to the RAW file and it produced what to my eye was the most pleasing image.

HOWEVER, the SilkyPix default TIFF looked the closest to what my eye sees looking at the scene.

The way that I reduced the yellow cast in my custom SilkyPix "taste" was to set Color deflection under Camera setting to 2. This made the scene look closest to the ColorChecker version but left a slight blueish tinge on the wall behind the couch.

The RAW file also had a slight blueish tinge on the wall compared to the ColorChecker version but slightly less than my custom taste produced.

The SilkyPix default while the most realistic still did not precisely match what my eye saw.

Any thoughts on how I could have reduced the yellow without giving the wall a blue tinge with my custom taste would be appreciated.

Also, I am bothered that I wasn't able to find any way to satisfactorily reduce the yellow cast on the default SilkyPix TIFF in Lightroom. All of my attempts produced undesirable side affects, so any thoughts on that would also be appreciated.

I definitely want to figure out a way to use the ColorChecker calibrations with my SilkyPix/Lightroom work flow.

This expedition did force me to learn a lot about SilkyPix and even a few more things about Lightroom. I'm much more proficient at comparing now.

BTW applying my yellow reducing custom SilkyPix taste to landscape shots makes them ridiculously blue.

Overall, I've been able to get SilkyPix to do everything I wanted it to do. The learning curve is painful, however. I often find trial and error to be more efficient than reading the manual because I don't even know what terms for which to search.

scene = image or photo
taste = preset
etc. etc.

All of this and I will probably end up using the default SilkyPix tiff for my final display image. Well, after I tweak it some more in Lightroom that is.

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