G15 w/ Eye-Fi Card...who's using one?

Started Jan 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
Ron Somerville Forum Member • Posts: 65
Re: G15 w/ Eye-Fi Card...who's using one?

I don't have an Eye-Fi, but I almost bought one for use with my iPad and iMac.

Quoted from the Eye-Fi Forum so that you don't have to hunt:

"That's right, once the Eye-Fi card is done transferring your files, it disconnects after an amount of time you can specify, or when your camera turns off (whichever is sooner). Since iOS is trying to keep you connected, it will then try to connect you back to your network.
To lengthen the amount of time Direct Mode stays connected after your transfers are done, plug the card into your computer and open your card's settings in Eye-Fi Center. Under Networks>Direct Mode, adjust the second slider."

I didn't see any mention of doing this and I don't think I would have guessed that you could set the card directly.

I'm definitely interested in the outcome.

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