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Re: The pot calling the kettle black

Jared Huntr wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

When someone asked you for your HONEST opinion on a high ISO in a different thread you, once again, avoided addressing the issue and made your response about something personal.

If you think people can't see through this type of fanboyism you're mistaken.

Actually, you do the same. In another thread, when I asked you some specific questions on the P7100 with regarded to your ownership or problems you reported about it, you evaded them and went on a long-winded response on Canon dSLRs and other cameras.

I began to observe this as a pattern in your replies so I simply gave up wasting my time responding. It is impossible to have a constructive discussion when one party has a habit of evading relevant questions while introducing off-topic subjects to distract the argument.

Nonsense. I asnwered you question. I didn't address every part of your question as I only had the P7100 for a couple of weeks.

I have posted samples to back up what I've commented on along with specific links to reviews that bear them out. In the end there is only an opinion of what some folks will accept or not accept.

As for this thread Nikonworks is DEAD WRONG to suggest to anyone using digital zoom. Look it up yourself.

If you're going to come onto a forum and start cheerleading for your new toy, at least show the BASIC elements of ability and knowledge before you spew out bad info or opinions as fact. Just like Nikonworks you've IGNORED the topic of this thread and posted about personal blather.

Rather than do THAT, why won't you stay on topic? Please explain to anyone reading why you feel all sources are wrong (including DPreview) and how interpolation within the a camera will outperform the optical zoom and good software post work.

The only REAL problem here is that I refuse to board the "P7700 is wonderful train" and prefer to discuss it's strengths and limitations in a realistic manner.


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