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Re: Clearviewer option for LX-7 or x-10

I'd like to endorse the statements made by Daniel Sorkin and Erik Ohlson WRT the Clearviewer. I own both the LX-7 and X-10, and consider both to be important tools that fit in well with my shooting style. I have different-version Clearviewers (since they mount via tripod screw, you need a different CV base for each camera; the CV lenses themselves are interchangeable) mounted on both cameras and find them almost indispensable accessories.

X-10 shooters almost invariably complain about the squintiness, the parallax error, the 85 percent view and the lack of focus confirmation and shooting information when trying to compose thru the camera's optical viewfinder. All these drawbacks go away so easily with the CV. And since the X-10 and the forthcoming X-20 have no provision for a clip-on EVF, that's all the more reason to invest in a CV.

WRT the LX-7, the foldable CV adds little to the weight and external dimensions of the camera. It adds to the overall stability of the camera when doing eyelevel shooting, and, unlike the more expensive clip-on EVF, leaves your hot shoe free at all times to accept an external shoe-mounted flash.

Extraneous glare when shooting outddors? You should encounter few situations when you can't shield the LCD of a small camera like an X-10 or LX-7 from excess glare with your left hand. Wearing a baseball cap or brimmed hat outdoors is also an asset, but not mandatory.

And you still have the option of speedily tucking the CV beneath the camera and out of the way should you decide to shoot at arm's length and compose via the unaided LCD.

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