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Re: F is for fever

Erik --

Well, okay on the F, which i immensely respect but it is just that . . .  i always kind of resented that darn body.  I used it as a semi-pro PJ in the early to mid 70s drawn from the equipment pool.  Frankly, for all i know the very body pictured is one that i used; it sure looks like it.

When the F2 came out it just seemed to me to be better in every way, particularly with the that final DP12 finder (which took a few years).  And the F3 -- after it became clear than the electronics were not fragile -- was simply all that i could wish for in the early 80s.

Anyway, i didn't particularly develop an affection for the F (and i know many people did).  It always seemed like an American muscle car: a big brute with little finesse.  By the time i was buying my own gear in 1979, i no longer needed the bullet-proof construction and was quite happy with the FM.  With the money i saved going with the FM (compared to an F2AS), i bought what remains my favorite single lens:  the 105mm f2.5.

Good choice, even in retrospect.  To this day, my eye "sees" most naturally in 105mm perspective.  Anyway, that is my story; everyone has one.

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