NEX 7 assessment after 6 months, please comment

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Re: NEX 7 assessment after 6 months, please comment

RGBaker wrote:

I suppose everyone has different needs and standards. I've been shooting for over forty years, in a variety of formats, as a hobby and professionally. Some things I have no use for -- autofocus, for instance, doesn't interest me at all. Auto exposure, on the other hand, is OK ... as long as it is spelled out clearly for me what the camera wants to do, and changing it is easy. In this, the NEX7 is extremely good. In ordinary usage I have the ISO set, and use the EVF to see what the camera thinks is the proper exposure. If I don't like the aperture/shutter combo, I use one TriNavi dial to change it -- if I'm not happy with the overall exposure, I use the other TriNavi dial to set a correction. Both actions take place with my eye to the finder, in the time I spend composing and focusing. Seconds, as I've been doing this rather a while.
Until very recently I used film, and cameras built decades ago. Only in the last few years have digital cameras approached the image standard I wanted, but none of the cameras felt a joy in my hand and it wasn't until the NEX7 came along that I found the ergonomics I wanted (like a Leica rangefinder, but with a 'better' viewfinder) mixed with the simple controls I liked (different, but not unlike my Canon F1) and top notch resolution (maybe as good as my Mamiya 6x6 -- Ok, maybe not quite that good but probably as good as any 35mm with Kodachrome 25 ...)
Anyway, your mileage may vary. Many here find fault with the autofocus, but I have no opinion on that feature. The lens lineup is still minimal, but in truth I've never owned more than half a dozen lenses for any system, and for my 6x6 I had but three -- never stopped me from getting the shot, or at times making my living. At this point I'm poking along with the kit and the assortment of legacy lenses I've got kicking around. Likely to buy the Zeiss 24 this year -- maybe a Zeiss wide angle next, though the Sony SEL1018 has an appeal -- I'll probably add a lens or two a year for the next few years.
I shoot everything raw. I spend minutes on every shot in ACR, and on some a little longer in Photoshop. I print 12x18 on the ones I want to present -- from beginning to end, the NEX7 offers what I need in a camera. Six months in, I wouldn't change a thing.

Thanks. I enjoyed reading you post, kind of inspirational read for us newcomers

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