Question on Flash Purchase for Canon

Started Jan 6, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Question on Flash Purchase for Canon

The canon flash will fully interact with your camera, full ettlII metering, zoom with lens setting and wireless when automatic when triggered off camera with another canon flash on camera.

The Yongnuo will only operate in manual when on the camera, ie you will have to set its power by trial and error, when off camera you can trigger it with your pop up in camera flash as long as it's line of sight.

I would also consider the canon ex420 used on ebay for $100 each, buy 2 of these and you've got a good wireless setup at little more than the cost of 2 yongnuos. Also think about a light stand and umbrella and you've got the start of a good mobile studio.

I've got a ex550, 2 ex420s and 2 yongnuo 560IIs  that provide a cheap but effective studio setup.

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