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I've just begun using Leica R lenses (pre-ROM: 35, 50, 90, 135) on my Canon 60D. I'd love to hear of your experiences - what adapter, focusing screen, software and workflow you've discovered work best. Believe me, I'm not obsessed with technical stuff, just wondering if I can learn something from someone who's ahead of me...

Well, let's see.  With the 5D I use a brighter focusing screen.  You can also utilize the live view option for critical focus.  My adapters are mainly fotodiox ones and seem to work fine.  I only have one that has a chip in it but that is a nice feature.  This makes focusing easier as you can still use the focus confirmation light in the viewfinder.

I almost always have to dial in some exposure compensation but truly not a problem at all.  One thing you will notice is how easy it is to spot the RAW shots taken with the Leica glass.  They have a vibrant look that will stand out even from shots taken with Canon L glass.

This shot was with an old 90/2.8 that is awesome for portrait work but probably my softest Leica R lense:

Leica 90/2.8

This was from a 135/2.8


This is from the odd 560/6.8:


The wonderful 180/3.4


Pretty much every lens used here is over 25 years old or older.

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