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Knallberto wrote:

ALL Samsung cameras are some time later 50% ... "stable" prices for long time you get with SONY or Panasonic, but even NEX7 I got (preordered!) -23% less than Sony price (+3 years Sony warranty)! You must loooook. Not only buy. Samsung sells VERY good cameras VERY cheap! Ignore list prices, they are for stupids ...

Actually only the "classic" camera manufacturers are able to keep the prices on the initial level.

See Canon, Nikon, but also Olympus (see OM-D) or Pentax (see K5-II, K-30) .

Sony or Samsung prices are "consumer electronics" like. No big surprise. Good for us customers.

The life cycle of their camera generations is another story though If you buy a Samsung or Sony camera it will already be outdated after 1 year.

So Canon or Nikon cameras are either more "mature" when they are released every once in a while - or maybe they are just less innovative ... (actually I have the impression that they're just not that into APS-C anymore)

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