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Re: "I do not need an EVF" :-)

Knallberto wrote:

Hehe, I do not need/have DXO, Lightroom and all these quark and squelching. If you CAN make photos, you do not need postprocessing etc. It's live time wasting.

Obviously you have not the slightest idea what Lightroom and DXO actually do, except PP (and postprocessing is not just exposure compensation).

Lightroom is a RAW converter and photo management software. Postprocessing is only a part of it, and even then, there are things that no in-camera processing can do to the same extent.

Take e.g. noise reduction. There is no way that your camera jpeg engine can do the same and keep the same amount of detail. Often (e.g. Samsung) the jpeg engine NR does more harm than good by applying way to much NR.

Then there's highlight/shadow recovery, where RAW gives you way more potential in postprocessing.

Of course, if you get exposure right in the beginning, that's worth a lot.

But modern sensors have like 12EV dynamic range, so there's quite a bit of information in RAW that you can use in PP. In jpeg this information is lost, and I don't really see any benefit in using DRO modes in jpegs where a lot of the information is still lost ... or in camera HDR, when I can just take a single RAW file with maybe 2x-3x the size of the jpeg and just move a slider and make use of the detail that the camera/sensor has covered anyway.

Then there's optical corrections in PP that you can also use for MF lenses - e.g. CA correction.

And last but not least creating a downscaled jpeg from an RAW file always gives better results than creating a compressed JPEG from another compressed JPEG. Not to mention the batch processing including output etc etc.

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