couple of questions. Is it safe to by a D600 now and should I sell my d800 for it see below?

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Manny - I recommended that the OP consider the 1.2 crop option because he was

Manny82 wrote:

concerned about the large files coming from his D800.  In my opinion this is a better alternative than switching to a D600 and potentially having to deal with the dust/debris issue that some owners are encountering.  I agree with you that he should have considered the file sizes the D800 generates before he bought his camera.  Of course, it wouldn't be the first time someone bought something and had buyer's remorse.  From a personal perspective, I upgraded my computer before I bought my D800 and I have two 2 TB external drives and a 3 TB external drive to help me mange the files.  Just for the record, I'm fine with 36 mp.  I knew the D800 generated large files before I bought it.

I don't understand why people recommend this as a substitute for reducing file sizes. What's the point in buying a FF camera if you're going to shoot in crop? Not to mention how it affects the cropping of your lenses and DOF calculations etc.

In regards to 36MP being too much, surely you knew it had 36 MP when you bought it? It's not like you couldn't download any RAWs before you bought it, to see how they affect your workflow.

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