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Not all HP inks are dye, just returned from HP site it lists Viviera ink in both dye and pigment. Also a statement tha the new Viviera pigment has aprox 200year non fade also gives a list of non HP papers to use on. It appears the printer model determines dye or pigment.

HP9180 is pigment Mine HP9800 dye

Unlike Canon and Epson, HP had the unfortunate idea of using the same name, Viviera, for both their pigment and dye inks.

The longevity of prints made using dye inks has a much greater dependency on the paper used than it does with pigment inks. With the right paper and ink combination, dye ink prints can last almost as long as pigment inks, under ideal conditions. But there are now very few papers available that are designed for dye ink preservation.

And for fft81, I can accross this oldish article on HP small printer inks and HP Premium Plus paper. But again it is ink longevity not paper color longevity:

The data should be around on the Wilhelm site somewhere, but it isn't an easy site to navigate.

Brian A

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