Thinktank Retrospective VS Lowepro Pro Messenger bag

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Re: Thinktank Retrospective VS Lowepro Pro Messenger bag

I'd be curious too.  Despite TT Retro popularity, I can't stand these bags in use.  Complaints are as others say.  Slow draw, very sloppy feel, hard to ID & get at stuff, flap dosn't fit right, material though apparently tough still alows equipment damage under stress, shoulder strap too short and lacks strong "grip", very slow to manuver bag, very heavy for it's capacity, but most dangerously without locking clips have had equipment fly out of the bag in front ( many others have had this issue ).  Strap issues surprise a lot of people.  Surprised me too.  Nice feel initially, but inflexable pad over time, and with the black bags, again a dangerous point, off the pad the strap is very slippery.

TT has addressed some of these issues with the bags made very recently.  Partitions now much stiffer, but IMHO, not quite stiff enough, straps am told are longer ( have not see this yet ), hopefully like the TT RR 7, the best of the bunch and only one I still use at all.

As for stealth, for all TT RRs, at my office and on the street, I constantly have people come up to me and ask me what kind of camera I have in my TT.  Except for the RR 10 in black, which draws for some reason less suspicion.  So much for stealth.

As for TT, love thier Urban Disguise, use them interchangable with the LP Classified 250 AW, one of my favorite bags.  They are my regular carries ( have probably 50 bags-money not an issue ) Quality is extreme from TT, though again for the RR, they seem over time less durable.  Aside from that, the are much better "finished" or "Manufactured" if you will than LP's newer bags.  The UDs in particular also are almost as durable as the LP Magnums of lore.  However, generally speaking, the LPs, to this day seem to have siginficantly better designs to my mind.  As much as I love my UD 30 & 40, LPs Classified 160AW is better in use in every way.  A bit bulkier, but lighter, more manuverable, much faster draw, easy to pinpoint items under stress and though lighter, padded to the point where I have repeated dropped or had them blown off my shoulder under combat conditions and nothing broke.  The LP Stealth Reporters are as good and even alost as easy to use on shoulder, much easier set down.  But wider which in theroy makes them more noticable.  ( However  in practice easier to handle and hide behind my back).

And the TT Hard Drive Pro is another winner.  Nothing currently in production at LP or anyone else comparable.

I am looking for something ( several ) the size of TT 10 & 30, but stronger, more manuverable and easier to use.  Like the interior size ( would like it smaller on the outside ).  The LP Pro Messengers seem like an attempt of LP to improve quality and finish, though perhaps half hardedly.

If something is found please advise as would be eternally gratefull.

Special Note:  If there is any choice to be made at all, or if not sold on the quality of the product, and even if I am, I buy Think Tank because of the quality of the company.  Compassionate to thier customers, actually helpfull and supportive, honest ( well as one can be ), loyal, and interested in helping thier base, I find these things revelatory in today's America and wins me over in all but the most pressing cases.  I want to support people like this.  Rather than LP, whome for six months could not get hold of.

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