Excited to move to M4/3! Please help me build my kit. Lens suggestions please.

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A used FT 12-60 f2.8 works well...

If you don't depend too much on snappy AF performance.  Used 12-60s can be had for $500 and less at KEH.

Have a pair of OMD bodies and one Oly battery grip. May buy one of the third-party grips this spring.

I've got the Oly 45, 75, and FT 12-60 and may be adding the 17 come spring.  Really want a native mFT fast zoom along the lines of the FT 12-60 though.

Also have both Oly and Nissan flashes, a set of DSTE batteries, , a third-party (China no-name) remote cord/timer, and the usual detrius/accessories one accumulates.

I probably have $3500 invested in my OMD kit. Bought the first body at list, found deals/rebates on the rest of the gear.

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