Anothermike buys the Zeiss 21 - discusson of 14-24 vs Zeiss 21 for landscape (pt 1)

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Great stuff! We owe you thanks!

Hi Mike, 
This was great! The best I 've read from you.

Also in general I think we owe you many thanks for what you are doing for this forum. So many useful contributions! This is what makes me one of your regular readers.

I'm also regularly reading Thom Hogan's sote (less and less, as he seems to criticise the hell out of Nikon and painstakingly elaborate things that I have limited interest in), and also am a subscriber to Diglloyds website (catering mainly for the needs of static IQ maximizers, and certanly not action shooters like PJs) and must say that your writings carry the most sense for me. You post no pictures, but I never felt the need for them. (Statistically there will always be ones who would demand pics as ultimate proof, we've seen that, but such is life...)

With all the effort you put into this forum, you might as well have your own website... With Bjorn Rorslett regrettably fading away, your very precisely worded postings offer currently the best free information on the most important Nikon lenses/cameras on the web.

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