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fft81 wrote:

Something i just thought about:

I bet using a protective laquer like printshield even on OBA loaded crappy resin paper will have bigger effect than using a better paper without the lacquer. Lets face it, if lacquer can seal the paper reducing UV significantly as well as sealing the OBAs into the paper away from air, the paper will not age all that fast even if it has OBAs in it. If OBAs can't react with air who cares if they are there?

Paradoxically really. The OBAs, or florescent agents, cause an increase in the reflectance of light (and an actual emittance of light) in the very blue/violet region that the UV protective glass or coating protects against. It is most noticeable using museum quality glass with 96-99% UV protection.

It is a near zero sum outcome. You lose the very ‘whiteness’ you were out to gain by using bright white papers, if you protect against UV degradation. If the coating makes little differnce to the 'brightness' of the paper, then one would have to question its effectiveness against UV.

The more elaborate profiling systems have an option (UV cut) that allows profile creation with or without that region taken into consideration. This can either be done using software after reading the color patches without filtering, or by filtering the measurement device with a UV or polarizing filter.

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