Why not an X-Pro 1s/ X-E1s

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Re: Why not an X-Pro 1s/ X-E1s

Andrea Crema wrote:

TClair wrote:

You don't sell hardware by having software updates expect a new and improved X1 Pro and XE-1 later in the year. That at least seems to be industry's direction.

Your probably right. I must admit I'm surprised considering I've just bought an XE-1 and its sensor is already superceeded by a newer version in a space of few months.

Turn around of new hardware is mirroring Apple's 12 month cycle! Hope we see some benefits in any forth coming firmware in the Pro1 and XE1.

That was precisely what I was thinking. Both Apple and Intel have adopted business models that are bringing new technology/products to market on accellerated schedules. Intel adopted their "tick - tock" 18 month new product strategy several years ago and has basically constrained AMD to be a niche player because they could not keep up the pace of new product innovation. Apple as well has been preemptive with new products in their market place as well with a constant release of improved new products - the whole map thing aside...

Time to market and constant product improvement maybe the secret to success in high tech these days. FujiFilm seems to be adopting this business model. The big two depend upon long new product cycyles based upon major product innovation, which sometimes gets away from them. Look how long the Nikon community has been waiting for a D300s replacement. Who wouldn't want an X100s sensor in their D400?

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