Full Frame sensor or crop sensor?

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Re: Full Frame sensor or crop sensor?

bmcbride wrote:

Hello everyone!

New guy here interested to get started in shooting some pictures. Just a quick back story for myself. I am a professional graphic designer, so I am used to seeing great images vs bad images. Because of this I feel like, as a beginner, I am going to be rater picky how my images turn out.

I have a friend that has a Full frame sensor 5D Canon and I have seen some of the great low lights and images that he can get that camera to do. Currently I am in store for getting a camera and I am finding that full frame cameras are rather pricey. Right now the Nikon d7000 and the Canon 5d Mark II both have my interested, however I am finding it difficult to decided which camera would fit me better. Would it be smart for me to go Full frame or stick with the crop?

I would love to keep my budget under $1000, however I am finding that $1700 is required for a full frame. Any advice would be welcomed! Let me know what you think of either camera or even something that would suite me better...


I think the last paragraph pretty much determines your situation IF you are only considering new equipment. The fact is, that full frame DSLRs are top end models, tend to have more features, more durable components etc and also the sensor I believe, costs something like 20x the cost of an APS-C sized sensor. Also, economy of scale on the whole rest of the camera is a big factor that keeps full frame cameras expensive compared to others.

There's advantages and disadvantages of each for technical (optical) reasons, for certain types of photographs. For example, DOF is related to sensor size and of course aperture is a factor in determining DOF and exposure - so certain situations can only be done on a FF camera.

Whether to then consider mirrorless, translucent mirror or normal (moveable, as in DSLR) mirror, is another factor with its own technical merits of each.

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