Hoyt Arboretum, Portland, Oregon

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Re: Hoyt Arboretum, Portland, Oregon

FrankParis wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Thought you (might) be interested in knowing that the Adobe RGB 1998 color-space that your processed JPGs are rendered in causes very noticable and (to my eyes) very weird Red/Magenta hues when viewing (particularly these images displayed above in this post) on a sRGB calibrated monitor.


Let's see...the last two images actually have purple features. The colors of the burl are accurate, as are the colors of that arching branch reaching out into the room. The first two I only notice purple cast in the background, which doesn't interest me. In a forest, the light spectrum can vary radically just a few feet away.

Besides, everything on my system is calibrated for Adobe RGB 1998, including my wide gamut monitor. These images were posted for my own pleasure, not anybody else's.

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Frank Paris

You are posting images on a public forum "for your own pleasure" only? Next time, don't bother. Your images do not look like you think they do.

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