Full Frame sensor or crop sensor?

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Re: Full Frame sensor or crop sensor?

Chris R-UK wrote:

This is a really difficult decision to make at the moment because there are a lot of technology and market changes going on and it is difficult to predict future trends.

Here are some of the complicating factors:

  1. The number of DSLR manufacturers is down from about seven (Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and Samsung) five years ago to just three today - Canon, Panasonic and Pentax although Sony's SLT series is quite close to a DSLR.
  2. These three have released very few APS-C DSLRs this year but lots of full frame bodies.
  3. APS-C DSLRs are being attacked at the lower end (and higher up) by smaller mirrorless/CSC cameras like Micro 4/3 and the Sony NEX series. There are now eight companies producing mirrorless cameras (nine if you include Leica) and this is the fastest growing part of the market.
  4. Shorter focal length lenses for APS-C cameras either do not work at all on full frame (Canon) or only work at reduced resolution (Nikon). Shorter focal length full frame lenses are often less usable on APS-C DSLRs because of the crop factor.
  5. DSLR lenses are designed for the autofocusing system (Phase Detection) used on DSLRs and do not work well on the Contrast Detection systems used on mirrorless cameras.

You will get many different opinions on this subject but my personal recommendation is either to commit to FF or to go for a mirrorless system. I do not think that it is a good time to invest in APS-C equipment equipment, especially APS-C lenses.

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Chris R

When did Nikon stop making DSLRs?

Product cycles tend to be ~2 years, so I don't think analysis of a single year's new releases is long enough to say a particular type of camera is dead.

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