FZ200 - A beautiful White-Tailed Buck, Ottawa

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Re: FZ200 - A beautiful White-Tailed Buck, Ottawa

RudyPohl wrote:

eagle2a wrote:

Great shot Rudy! I believe you are getting the hang of the FZ200.

In the right hands it is a great camera.

My DSLR's are feeling sad since I bought mine. I hear a faint sigh from there respective cases when ever I pickup the FZ200 and leave them in the dark closet.



Hi Don:

Thanks for your kind remarks and yes, I am feeling very comfortable with the camera now. Please convey my personal condolences to your DSLRs.



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The FZ200 - One step closer to bridging the gap.
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I conveyed your condolences to my DSLR's. They said for me to tell you that they appreciate your appreciation for there sad position.

Like you, I like to use JPEG's. as much as possible. I have been trying out Silkypix 5 for Panasonic. The results are good. However I find JPEG's at -1 sharp and NR -1 to be just about as good. If the light is poor and I need some more noise reduction I use neat image. So far it seems to work quite well.

The whole deal is that there so many different lighting conditions that no one method will fill all the needs. So shooting JPEG and Raw still gives the best coverage. I hate this as it sure takes up a lot more space and slows down the process.

My Best,


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