Wow - my D700 is still relevant!

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Re: Wow - my D700 is still relevant!

Hi Sutto,

Your questions are common and your concern is valid, even though tere are many other replies, I would really like to add my contribution since you have chosen to use this forum.

If your wondering whether you should upgrade, right away the answer is probably NO.

If the D600 or D800, etc has a feature that you definitely WANT which is not available with the D700, then you have to ask yourself, what am I willing to pay for the feature(s) I do not have?'

I have been using the D700 since September 2011 with the Nikon 28 - 300 mm f3.5 - 5.6G (since I don't like to change lenses) and, for really low light conditions, the Nikon 50 mm f1.4. This kit cost me a good bit, but the combination does everything I need, and probably far more.

I have a colleague at work who also had the D700 with the same lenses, but then changed to the D800. The 2 main differences between these  two are the video feature (absent on the D700) and the 36 Mp as opposed to 12 on the D700. He was asking the same questions as you are, we had long discussions on the subject. His reason for changing was the 36 Mp- great resolution with the ability to crop in very close on wildlife photos taken from long distances. He's happy with the D800, but I think sometimes he wishes he had stayed with the any case, he paid a good bit of money for the change, and he really doesn't make that many photos from so far away......

I personally am very happy with my D700 and lenses as described above. If there are faults or shortcomings with the shots I'm making, it's certainly not the camera's fault!

Ansel Adams shot brialliant photos with equipment far inferior to today's technology.

I f you have a specific reason for changing / upgrading, then by all means do it, if the price for the feature you need is worth it to you.

Good luck, and happy shooting!

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