A99 flash delay?

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Re: A99 flash delay?

William Porter wrote:

FramerDave wrote:

Basically you will have the same delay using HVL F60M as wireless trigger as well.

Ah, that's too bad, although to be honest, I'd be rather annoyed if I had to spend $500 to get a trigger for this camera that works but still doesn't contribute much to the illumination of the scene. The only reasons to buy an F60 now are (a) I could use another flash and (b) the F60 can be used without the hot shoe adapter.

When I switched from Pentax to Sony several years ago one of the things I was interested in taking advantage of is flash ratio control, something the Pentax flash system lacks. I'd been using my Pentax flashes in M mode to control ratios. Well, I was disappointed in several ways: disappointed to discover that the Sony system uses the on-board flash as controller only; disappointed to learn that, although the on-board flash is technically only a controller, it "leaks" light into the scene in a way that's hard for me to control without doing something like sticking a toilet paper roll over the camera's pop-up or taping exposed film over the flash; and disappointed now that there's this ridiculous delay. I like the flash units themselves (the F43 and the F58). They're much better built than the Pentax counterparts. But I find myself missing the Pentax system.

I did find that by engaging FEL lock (c button top front left) you get no wireless TTL flash delay. That button is set to toggle by default I think so you have no delay until you unlock FEL by pressing button again or by play to review image. Whether that is a good enough work around for you only you can decide.

Thank you very much for this tip. I've read everything I could find on this topic on the Internet but I missed this.

I will use this tip, but in some quick tests I just did here, I found that FEL lock doesn't work quite as well as I would like. If I am triggering the off-camera flash without pressing FEL lock, I get the delay, but the exposure is good, better than it has been with the A77. On the other hand, when I press FEL lock and take the same shot (camera and remote flash in some position), the shot is overexposed a little. For a portrait I could manage this by using flash exposure compensation, I guess.

But I'll probably end up buying the Phottix radio triggers, because for wedding work, it's really beneficial to be able to use TTL and have the system help me make quick adjustments. Even with the groups shots the exposure can change as I move forward to shoot a smaller group or back to shoot a larger one. And at the reception, well, the lighting can change dramatically if I just pivot 20°.

I'm not placing the order for the Phottix filters just yet. Would be super nice if Sony released a firmware update that fixed this issue in the meantime.



I was looking at Phottix triigers but read some on its firmware issues with a77 and they have not mentioneed if it supports a99. Please post your experience how it works for you.

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