Canon 7D - same white-tailed deer I shot yesterday with my FZ200 - please note smearing in the fur.

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Re: Canon 7D

Darel3 wrote:

I saw your white-tail picture yesterday. I was very impressed by the quality of it. Comparing to today's pictures- well really there is no comparison.

I have been using my FZ200 since Sept. and lurking here for several weeks. I have a few questions.

1. Are today's pictures also RAW?

2. Was any type of camera support used by either photographer?

3. What software did you use to convert the picture and how much did you sharpen it?

Thank you,

Hi Darel:

In answer to your questions...

1) I don't know how this gentleman processed these images. Judging his portfolio which I had a look at this morning, he does not appear to be a very highly skilled photographer, so my guess is he used the JPEGs.

2) Neither of us used any type of camera support.

3) I have no idea what editing software he used or the workflow of his post processing. Regardless of his PPing, I think his images are so degraded that no PPing could significantly improve them.

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