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I was lucky enough to get the first of the Life Library Of Photography series of books as a teenager when I first became interested in photography. My mother bought them for me. If I remember correctly, a new one was published every month and was delivered to my door. We ended up getting most of the books, but only 8 remain on my bookshelf today. I started looking at them today and what a great set of books they are.

One of the books shows a bit of kit that someone had put together that I find very intriguing. They had made a lens attachment that had a mirror in it placed at 45 degrees. The idea was to shoot sideways so as to get candid shots of unwitting subjects. What a great idea!

Interesting too that most of the photos in the book are black and white. There's a section in one of the books on portraiture, all in black and white. The image quality isn't actually all that great, but what fantastic photos they are. Goes to show the importance of composition, lighting and subject.

I haven't devoted any real amount of time to photography since those days. I've had a few cameras over the years, but none of them really compared to my first very simple SLR. Except for my OM-D. With it I'm remembering what fun I used to have.

The book that I've been looking at today is titled, 'The Great Themes'. One of those themes is 'the human condition'. I guess that's what we would call 'street photography' today. There is a fantastic photo by Cartier-Bresson in it.

Highly recommended books if you can get a hold of them.

I got a full set of them (8) in a second hand booksshop; they are really great. I know them as Time Life books. I got a 7 in French version and 1 in German version. They contain wonderful pictures and were issued during the seventies.

I too have and love them. The quality of the phtos is delightful!!

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