300/2.8 VR1 vs VR2 - Tripod/Wimberley Use

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Re: 300/2.8 VR1 vs VR2 - Tripod/Wimberley Use

Pygmi wrote:

tektrader wrote:

Any of the VR lenses are meant to have VR-off when mounted on a tripod. ITS IN THE INSTRUCTIONS.

Tektrader: No need to shout.

I do have VR-off on a tripod. BUT that is NOT quite this simple. Many VR lenses MUST have the VR off on a tripod, like 70-200/2.8 VRI. And that is already said in the instruction manual. This not however true for all VR lenses, therefore your statement of "Any of the VR lenses..." is not quite accurate.

Do you own the lens in question, either VRI or VRII? At least Instruction manual of the 300/2.8 VRI does not advice you to switch VR off on a tripod. I do own one and it really seems that you can have the VR on...although it does not do anything useful...does not actually seem to do any harm either. Still, I switch VR off for all my lenses on a tripod...Even if the VR in some lenses kind of "detects" being mounted on a tripod, there are still times when VR activates and stops that may do harm (if you need to take the picture at that moment).

The point of my original question was, in essence, how to treat the VR question with a 300/2.8 VR? lens mounted on a Sidekick or Wimberley head. It's not like a simple tripod mount solution, that being locked down and shooting MLU. The lens "floats" on the Wimberley. There is motion, albeit not as herky-jerky as handheld. So, my question is if this is enough motion that the VR differences in the two versions is noticeable.


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